TinkerBal 2019 will be held October 5 – 6, 2019


Due to technical difficulties, registration for TinkerBal 2019 will open Wednesday July 3 at 8PM EDT.

The 2019 Registration Page is Here!

To keep up to date with additional information feel free to join our Boston Balboa mailing list or our Facebook group. Last year the waitlist started in under 10 minutes, so definitely mark your calendars!

TinkerBal 2019 Facebook event
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Our 2019 Instructors

Annabel Quisao



Heather Ballew

Adam Speen



Nick Williams

Jennifer Lee



Last year we ran TinkerBal Over Flow Shuffle Shops, featuring Nelle Cherry, as a companion event to TinkerBal. They were pretty popular, so we’re doing TBOFSS again in 2019!
Stay tuned for additional details on TBOFSS 2019, located on the TBOFSS event page at bostonbalboa.org. Nelle Cherry

TinkerBal 2018 group photo