October 6 – 7, 2018

Download a PDF schedule HERE!

Check out our schedule page and our venues page for all the details about this weekend’s fun! Join us for Saturday Night Shuffle and Sunday Speakeasy for fantastic social dancing!

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Annabel Quisao



Laura Keat

Jennifer Barnett



Jeremy Otth

Bobby White



New in 2018: TinkerBal Overflow Shuffle Shops (TBOFSS)

TinkerBal is, shall we delicately say, oversubscribed. There’s a wait list. And the wait list stresses everybody out, especially people who want to attend the weekend with a friend or spouse. So we’re trying something new this year, and introducing TBOFSS: TinkerBal Overflow Shuffle Shops!

TBOFSS (pronounced tee-boffs) will feature Boston’s own Nelle Cherry, teaching two independent 75-min sessions on the Sunday of TinkerBal, plus a practice time in between. These sessions will be held at Dance Complex, just two blocks from the TinkerBal venue. Find out more at our TBOFSS page on bostonbalboa.org!


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