What Is TinkerBal?

Held in Boston MA, TinkerBal is a small-group Balboa workshop designed to support personalized learning. Enrollment will be capped to keep group sizes small, and participants will work closely with both instructors and fellow students in each session. This weekend is a chance to really delve into the details of your Balboa, to work on the topics you need most, and to collaborate with others equally passionate about this amazing dance.

Students will be divided into small groups, and each group will move together through the weekend, working with each instructor at least once. Class content will be tailored by the instructors to the needs of each group.

This class format requires that students be able to comfortably execute the basic figures of Balboa & Bal-Swing: both basics, ad-lib/paddle turns/side scoots, crabwalks, come-around, toss-out, lollies, out and ins, swivels. Within that prerequisite all levels are welcome and encouraged!

TinkerBal 2019 will be held October 5-6, 2019

Sincerest Form Of Flattery

We want to acknowledge the amazing Lindy Hop event that was the inspiration and model for TinkerBal: HopShop Atlanta. When we attended in 2012, it was a fantastic and intense two days of learning, and we’re sad that it is no more. Read Bobby’s interview with HopShop organizer Lindsay Longstreth on his blog Swungover, which inspired us both to attend HopShop and to imagine TinkerBal.

TinkerBal is brought to you by the nerds over at Boston Balboa.