Travel & Housing

It will be absolutely gorgeous here in October, with crisp fall weather and colorful foliage! Boston is well-served by rail, air, and national bus lines. The city has a wonderful public transportation system, and the workshop venue is public-transit accessible. Our traffic is notorious, but we’ll make sure you have good directions. The workshop venue is a few doors down from an affordable parking garage.

Travel Information


  • Fare between airport and our venues in Cambridge will run about $30-40.

Public transportation:

  • Buy a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket: you can load it with dollars and then use it to get around town and to get back to the airport when you leave. CharlieTicket is disposable but incurs a small surcharge; CharlieCard is a plastic smartcard and pays standard fares.
  • We have found conflicting information about the Silver Line fare structure – some sources say it’s a free bus and transfer to subway, others say it’s the usual subway fare.
  • There’s a Trip Planner at if you need more detailed information.

To Greek American Political Club (workshop venue) from airport:

  • from airport, take Silver Line bus to South Station
  • then Red Line subway toward Alewife
  • then get out at Central Square Station
  • GAPC is about a block from the station

To Q Ballroom (Fri dance venue) from airport:

  • from airport, take Silver Line bus to South Station
  • then Red Line subway toward Alewife
  • then get out at Alewife Station
  • then walk or catch a cab.
    • For walking directions, see Q Ballroom’s website. Should be 8-15 minutes by foot.
    • There should be taxis at the station, but if not call for one — lots of companies in Cambridge. Try 617-252-3333

To airport from GAPC:

  • from Central Square Station take Red Line subway to South Station
  • then Silver Line bus to airport

To airport from Brass Union (Sunday evening venue):

  • taxi direct to airport is probably easiest and fastest
  • (to save $, taxi to Central Square station then follow directions above from GAPC to airport)


Given the cost of lodging in the Boston-area (see below), we are attempting to arrange housing with local TinkerBal participants as well as other members of our local Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Blues scene.

For the local dancers: if you can host an out-of-town dancer, please (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) fill out this 2019 HOSTING SURVEY. AND THANK YOU!

If you need housing, and have not yet filled out the request survey, please fill out this 2019 HOUSING REQUEST SURVEY. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE HOUSING, but we will do our best to find housing for you if at all possible with nice, super-awesome, local dancers.

Hotel options:
Unfortunately the Boston area is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to lodging, but here are a few options that are either convenient or might be slightly less expensive.

It is also worth investigating alternatives such as AirBnB or traditional bed and breakfasts and looking for places near Cambridge and Somerville. Previous visitors have found some nice places this way!