Registration opens July 3, 2019 at 8:00pm EDT

Enrollment will be capped to limit groups to 8-10 students each. We will also limit registration to ensure leader-follower balance so that groups will not have more than one extra of either role. If one role becomes oversubscribed, additional applicants will be put on a waiting list and we’ll draw from that list as more places become available due to additional enrollments in the undersubscribed role.

TinkerBal’s in-depth, personalized class format requires ALL students have learned and are comfortable with the basic figures and techniques of Balboa & Bal-Swing. In other words, you’re at least intermediate & you know how to do both basics, come-arounds, lollies, toss-outs, swivels, out-and-ins, paddle turns & other ad-lib progressives, and crabwalks — even if you’re still working on making those things feel smooth & swingy. Within that prerequisite all levels are welcome and encouraged!

Please note that groups are not leveled. We will aim to provide a balanced mix of students for each group.

Weekend price: $190

Registration includes a session in a small group with each of our phenomenal instructors, practice time and two sessions in a larger combined group with multiple instructors as well as the Saturday night dance and the Sunday post-workshop Balboa social.

Registration must be received by Sunday, September 29, 2019. (Assuming we haven’t already sold-out before then!) Walk-in registrations will NOT be accepted.

The (not so) fine print:

  • There are no refunds once registration has been confirmed.
  • Registrations may be transferred for the same type (leader for leader, follow for follow), but this must be confirmed with the organizers.
  • We are investigating our ability to accommodate housing with local dancers. Please see the Travel & Housing page for updates.